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NARR8 is a free iPad app with interactive stories, articles, & motion comics for readers, dreamers, and explorers.

Knights of the Void: “Father and Son”

Read the 25th episode of Knights of the Void — “Father and Son”! The Knights of the Void join forces with the Imperial fleet to oppose the Ziura’s invasion. Meanwhile, in Lilith’s palace Alan raises a powerful ally out of suspended animation... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “Mycelium”

Read now the 31th episode of Fear Hunters — “Mycelium”! Following their mighty battle, the Hellish Clown escaped from the Fear Hunters and the Master. Now the Project Oneiroid fighters must hunt him down in the most sinister and freakish worlds a diseased subconscious can generate. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Gravity”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Gravity”! Gravity — a mysterious force — drops an apple onto Sophie’s head. How can the little panda get her revenge? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Paragon of Animals”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Paragon of Animals”! 
When Leonard orders his team to attack the mysterious underground dwellers, he may have written the last chapter in the history of Middletown...

The Secret City: “The Sukharev Tower”

Read the 25th episode of The Secret City — “The Sukharev Tower”!  The Keeper of the Black Book has harbored a burning hatred for the magical races since the days of the Soviet Union. A new figure appears in the Goddess’s grand scheme against the Secret City’s highest-ranking figures. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “Half-Light”

Read now 30th episode of Prodigal Angel — “Half-Light”! A visit from the reclusive CEO of Sphinx Pharmaceuticals changes Max’s perspective on his fate and his future, offering new insight and the first ray of hope he’s had in a long time. But there are more discoveries waiting for him, lifting the veil on recent — and long-distant — mysteries. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “The Fires of Hell”

Read now the 30th episode of Fear Hunters — “The Fires of Hell”! The Fear Hunters fight an army of demons, but killing those beasts is not enough to defeat them: there are still more adventures to come in the Dark World. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “The Stars”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “The Stars”! The pandas and Boom enter into an argument about what stars really are. Who will help them find out the truth? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “The Fall of the Empire”

Read the 24th episode of Knights of the Void — “The Fall of the Empire”! The Imperial reserve fleet is preparing to bomb Quinan and Vivienne’s residence, which Lord Cray has seized. Meanwhile, Alan discovers the truth about events that happened sixteen years ago. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Deadly Catacombs”

Read the 24th episode of The Secret City — “Deadly Catacombs”!  Mercenary Phil Crosby ends up in the Order of War’s terrifying catacombs. Meanwhile, Santiaga, the commissar of the dark demons, finds himself in an extremely thorny situation ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Descent”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Descent”!  The President gives the order: Operation Triple Cross commences. Leonard’s team starts carrying out their part of the plan, but encounters an unforeseen surprise. Meanwhile, our heroes are trying to think of a way to breach the secret bunker’s defenses. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “A Team of Hunters”

Read now the 29th episode of Fear Hunters — “A Team of Hunters”!  The entire team of Fear Hunters is ready to enter the sinister Dark World to meet the Master and engage in the battle against the Hellish Clown. Meanwhile, a deadly threat is hanging over Project Oneiroid—once again. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “The Vase”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “The Vase”! 
The pandas break Laurie’s favorite vase when they are at her house. Sophie suggests lying to the raccoon by saying that Boris the meowing moose did it. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “The Sphinx”

Read now 29th episode of Prodigal Angel — “The Sphinx”! 
 Opposing forces have learned Max’s secret and set their sights on him. Dr. Cliff receives a visit he couldn’t have expected — and, through an innocent slip of the tongue, unwittingly aids a dark plot with Max as its target. 

The Secret City: “Crescendo”

Read the 23th episode of The Secret City — “Crescendo”! The battle for Yankee Stadium has reached its peak; the Arcanum of Desires is almost complete, and the whole world is moments away from destruction ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “Blood Brothers”

Read the 23th episode of Knights of the Void — “Blood Brothers”! 
Having found an ally in Alan, Lord Cray initiates an audacious attack on the Imperial Residence. But are his promises to be trusted? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

SPIN: “Hazard Pay”

Here is the new episode of SPIN — “Hazard Pay”! 
 McGreedy has not had serious competitors for a long time, which has made him too self-confident. Firstly he ripped off his partner Lopez, then he misled Ginsburg, and finally he personally gave the order to eliminate Jane. And, of course, it is all for money. Huge sums of money. However, he is about to make a surprising discovery: not everyone values their life by the number of zeros in their bank account. They consider other things more important. Like honor. And love. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “The Old Church”

Read now the 28th episode of Fear Hunters — “The Old Church”! 
The Fear Hunters do not stop trying to return their friend and colleague Sean McLaughlin to his body. He, in his new form as the Reaper, hears the Master’s plan to eliminate the Hellish Clown. Meanwhile, Natasha Kazakova is facing a new threat ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Little Fish”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Little Fish”! The pandas and Boom make friends with a cheerful little fish that shows them a wonderful underwater world. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Qumi-Qumi: “Love’s Hurdles (part 2)”

Read now the 22th episode of Qumi-Qumi — “Love’s Hurdles (part 2)”! 
  A General from the Shumi-Qumi tribe falls in love with Jusi and kidnaps her so he can marry her. Naturally, Juga and Shumadan can’t and won’t stand for it! They
procure some magical cakes to save Jusi, but the cakes have a number of unexpected side effects. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Agency: “The Verdict”

Read now the 12th episode of Agency — “The Verdict”! 
The Happiness Factory has closed, but a new client shows up who could turn everything around. Charlize is dreaming of an honest guy with a fat wallet, and for the Factory there’s no such thing as an impossible assignment. However, Sabrina will have to sacrifice something for the sake of another person’s happiness... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “The Stadium”

Read the 22th episode of The Secret City — “The Stadium”! Vivisector is building the Arcanum of Desires, and the Great Courts are battling furiously for the right to break through to his Altar before their enemies. Meanwhile, some completely different players are the first to arrive at the Altar... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Terminus”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Terminus”! 
As our heroes — and their enemies! — race toward the final destination, the Area Zero military base, the President moves the final pieces of the puzzle together. After tonight, nothing will be the same... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

SPIN: “Flight”

Here is the new episode of SPIN — “Flight”! The day is fast approaching when McGreedy will have to meet Lopez and deliver the diamonds in exchange for his “niece” Jane. However, McGreedy is extremely reluctant to give up the fortune that has come his way — so much so that he is considering the most radical option in order to keep the gems. While McGreedy and Lopez are trying to get the better of each other, Steve and Jane have to outsmart them both... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Qumi-Qumi: “Love’s Hurdles (part 1)”

Read now the 21th episode of Qumi-Qumi — “Love’s Hurdles (part 1)”! A General from the Shumi-Qumi tribe falls in love with Jusi and kidnaps her so he can marry her. Naturally, Juga and Shumadan can’t and won’t stand for it! They
procure some magical cakes to save Jusi, but the cakes have a number of unexpected side effects. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “Lord of the Dreams”

Read now the 27th episode of Fear Hunters — “Lord of the Dreams”! Mr. Shepard reveals the truth about his secret society. Meanwhile, the Reaper fights two incredibly dangerous beasts from the Dark World. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “Today and Yesterday”

Read now 28th episode of Prodigal Angel — “Today and Yesterday”! 
When Maine catches Ed eavesdropping, he turns the paparazzo’s nosiness into a useful tool. Ed is now helping Max root out the secrets of his past, but this endeavor is a lot more dangerous than either of them realizes. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: «Tooth»

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — «Tooth»! Sophie’s tooth hurts, but she’s scared of going to the doctor. What will this lead to? Why do we need to clean our teeth at all? Find out in the new series! DISCUSS EPISODE

Alma mater: “Bees: Minding the Hives”

Read now 8th episode of Alma mater — “Bees: Minding the Hives”! 
Become a bee! Learn why the Nobel Committee took an interest in you. Feed 40,000 sisters. Learn why the colonies are dying out and what awaits our world once all the bees gone (a real possibility in the foreseeable future). DISCUSS EPISODE

The Secret City: “The Altar”

Read the 21th episode of The Secret City — “The Altar”! Vivisector is ready to construct the Arcanum of Desires, and the Great Courts are desperately trying to stop him. Cortés’s mercenaries are caught between a rock and a hard place once again ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “Blazing Inferno”

Read the 22th episode of Knights of the Void — “Blazing Inferno”! Vivisector is ready to construct the Arcanum of Desires, and the Great Courts are desperately trying to stop him. Cortés’s mercenaries are caught between a rock and a hard place once again ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Agency: “All’s Fair in Love and Politics”!

Read now the 11th episode of Agency — “All’s Fair in Love and Politics”! 
It is not any old Joe who comes to the agency this time, but the mayor himself. Sabrina must find him a worthy match with a good heart to become the town’s first lady. But that turns out to be tougher than the team at the Happiness Factory expects. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Final Feat: “Battle of the Gods”

Read now the 27th episode of Final Feat — “Battle of the Gods”! Our heroes are helplessly watching on as their world is destroyed. Resistance is futile, and defeat is unavoidable: their new enemy is invincible. Only a miracle can prevent a disaster of cataclysmic proportions. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prime blood: “The Prophecy”

Read now the 13th episode of Prime blood — “The Prophecy”! The vampires take Ronin and Jane to a special place where preparations are underway for a bloodthirsty ritual that will resurrect their God. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

SPIN: “Nothing Personal”

Here is the new episode of SPIN — “Nothing Personal”! Federico Lopez’s people have caught Santiago, and the old man has spilled the beans about his secret deal with James McGreedy. Now James cannot dismiss it all as a “misunderstanding.” The situation is on a knife-edge: either he returns the uncut diamonds to Federico — in exchange for Jane Parker — or the dispute moves up a gear, which is bad news indeed for the hostage. However, Jane herself isn’t about to sit around waiting for McGreedy to decide her fate: she asks Steve to help her. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “T Minus Five”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “T Minus Five”! While Rick, Bert and Shado gather their strength and reluctantly follow Sebastian’s disturbing visions, President Caan takes Leonard into his confidence, revealing a deadly secret about an ancient enemy and lifting the veil on OperationTriple Cross... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: "Monastery in the Darkness"

Read now the 26th episode of Fear Hunters — "Monastery in the Darkness"!  The Project Oneiroid team is trying to comprehend the unbelievable events that happened in the last immersion. Meanwhile, the Reaper finds out more about his dark world and battles another dangerous opponent. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: "Bear"

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — "Bear"! The pandas and Boom are scared by stories about a terrifying bear, but when they bump into him by chance, they end up in a nice and cosy house. Who does it belong to? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: "Unintended Consequences"

Read now 27th episode of Prodigal Angel — "Unintended Consequences"!    Martha, frustrated over Max’s recent insensitivity and neglect, tells him she needs to understand what the future holds for them. It’s not an easy question to answer; Max’s decision to reveal his identity to Maine may have consequences none of them could have foreseen. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Qumi-Qumi: "The Robot (part 1)"

Read now the 19th episode of Qumi-Qumi — "The Robot (part 1)"!     Jusi finds an old battle robot at a junkyard and turns it into her loyal sidekick. Juga and Shumadan, however, aren’t so excited about Jusi’s new companion: they can’t really compete with a perfect machine as Jusi’s friends. They decide to get rid of their mechanical rival but it’s easier said than done. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: "The Last Sacrifice"

Read the 20th episode of The Secret City — "The Last Sacrifice"!       War Commander Bogdan L’Esta and Tapira the Morana are ready to sacrifice their final victim – Alice Harper – and so complete the Arcanum of Desires. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Biographics: "Karl Marx and the Specter of Communism"

Read now the 13th episode of Biographics — "Karl Marx and the Specter of Communism"!      The 19th century. Europe's bourgeoisie wrests power from the feudal elites. At this very moment of victory, Karl Marx, a German economist, prophesies doom: the workers shall weary of oppression, and capitalism shall fall, to be replaced by a new, just society. The 20th century showed otherwise. But Marx's other prophecies still stand.  DISCUSS THE EPISODE

SPIN: "Price Tag"

Here is the new episode of SPIN — "Price Tag"!        The once-indomitable dream team of Steve and Jane has split up. Jane has been lured by big oil and is enjoying her regular business trips to Latin America, where she meets with Federico Lopez, the company’s local partner. However, the chairman of the board is James McGreedy Sr., and so nothing is quite as it seems. Unbeknownst to Jane, McGreedy is using her as a diamond mule – concealing the precious stones in her briefcase. And when he decides to stiff Lopez, the blame falls squarely onto Jane… DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: "Thirst for Revenge"

Here is new episode of Knights of the Void — "Thirst for Revenge"!      The Alturan battle rages on! The Imperial flagship concentrates fire on the Boudicca station, and Alan and Lord Cray fight a battle of their own. How will this confrontation end?  DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prime blood: "Flight"

Read now the 12th episode of Prime blood — "Flight"!    The vampires have calculated Ronin and Jane’s location. Balthazar sends all available troops to recapture the fugitives. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: "Dark Wasteland"

Read now the 25th episode of Fear Hunters — "Dark Wasteland"!  The mysterious Reaper reveals its grim secrets. The battle with the bloodthirsty clown is far from over … DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Final Feat: "Titan Awakens"

Read now the 26th episode of Final Feat — "Titan Awakens"!     The heroes manage to turn the tide of battle and prevent Minos from realizing his sinister plans. It seems victory is near. But alas, an ancient evil has already broken free… DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: "Where Does the River Run?"

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — "Where Does the River Run?" Boom and the pandas follow the river and find a strange house on the seashore which is being looked after by an old porcupine. What is a lighthouse used for? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Agency: "Jeopardy"

Read now the 10th episode of Agency — "Jeopardy"!   Everyone at the Factory is taken by surprise when clients start going away. Sabrina finds out that her malicious cousin is behind it all. Now the team must simultaneously turn the situation around and find a hunk for Pamela, who has been totally suckered in by Jack and Patricia.  DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: "Collateral Damage"

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — "Collateral Damage"!   One person’s successful mission is another’s humiliating failure. Shado, Bert and Rick forget all about their victory over Alvaro and the Assassins’ Guild, when they return to the Goliath to find their home devastated. Leonard’s success meets with the President’s satisfaction, and Caan draws him closer into his confidence regarding the mysterious Operation Triple Cross… DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Skunk and the Ocelot

Skunk and Ocelot


Amazing creatures inhabit the wonderful world of Qumi-Qumi! Among them are wizards, scientists, and soldiers. Incidentally, Juga, Jusi, and Shumadan each belong to a different caste, but it doesn’t get in the way of their friendship. Their affinity for adventure is immense and their penchant for mischief insatiable — even more so as both Juga and Shumadan are in love with the beautiful Jusi.


Eureka tells us the story preceding the inventions that have shaped the world as we know it. Inventions are that which we ride in and that inside which we live and that which we take orally to combat an illness. Inventions can also be intangible: you can’t patent literacy and government, but it doesn’t take a patent to reshape the world.

Valentine’s Specials

NARR8 has a holiday surprise for all you lovebirds out there! In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, we have prepared special releases of your favorite series. Prepare to see the heroes of the motion comics & interactive novels represented in the most romantic and “furry” way. Don’t miss out! Come discover these romantic worlds together with NARR8 and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Holiday Special

Happy holidays from NARR8! Celebrate the season with a special-edition series that features all-new, holiday-themed episode content from every single series on NARR8! Enjoy thrilling adventure comics, chilling interactive novels, and informative nonfiction articles—all focusing on the most wonderful time of the year. Start reading all-inclusive holiday series now!

Prime Blood

Jane is a young girl studying to be a doctor in Chicago. She has no idea about that hidden, other world where werewolves and vampires are engaged in a desperate, never-ending battle — until their paths cross one fateful night and the girl loses her nearest and dearest. But why have the lycanthropes and the undead taken an interest in her? Why do they need her so much? Is she to be sacrificed on a bloody altar? Or is there a different fate for her, a fate that, despite the night surrounding her, promises light and salvation?


FIVE - an interactive series about the best of their kind. Download a new episode about the most prominent items, places, people and events. Dizzying heights, insane velocity, colossal sizes - all the wonders and achievements of planet Earth are displayed from an unusual perspective, with comparative scale graphics.


Chronographics turns the past into the present — acting as a precise timepiece whose hands are moving backward, not forward, to carry you into the past. Experience history firsthand, from crusaders to conquistadors, from Huguenots to Catholics, from Mongols to Incas, from coffee and tobacco to the printing press and firearms. Watch history come to life at your touch.

Prodigal Angel

Max spent the last ten years in a coma. But one day, he discovers he can enter the minds of those around him and control their bodies. He was free to walk, eat ice cream, and watch movies. Life had meaning again! But with new power comes new responsibility...and new peril. The love of his life is in danger. To save her, Max and his friends must go toe-to-toe with the mafia.


Sabrina Sharpe is faced with a tricky task: she has just one year to create a successful business that brings people happiness. In an effort to win the inheritance, Sabrina opens a wedding agency and puts together an unorthodox team that is ready to do anything in order to find each client’s perfect love match.


Back in the mists of time legendary heroes created Freeway — a place where they were finally able to live, not just survive. But the beasts of Flatlands would not leave them alone. They pilfered, they plundered, they kidnapped women whenever they liked. Then, with time, even this became just another honored tradition. Meet Buster, an average Freeway kid. The day comes when it’s his turn to save his beloved from the monsters’ clutches. Everything is as it should be: kidnap, goblins, jammers, robots. Hold up. What in Pixel Almighty are jammers?!


What does a life need to become a biography? A good “ANDing”. Case in point: Charles Darwin and the origin of species; Karl Marx and class struggle; Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis; Henry Ford and the conveyor belt; Martin Luther king and the struggle for equality. Biographics: Stories of those who succeed in the AND.

Final Feat

The Gods of old no longer enforce justice in the world. Massive wars have ruined the land and devastated the human race, which has, in turn, abandoned its beliefs. Now, terrible monsters threaten to plunge the world into chaos. But the envoys of the Gods have returned to perform their Final Feat: restoring mankind’s faith before it’s too late.

Alma mater

Attention: Your tablet is about to take you on an unprecedented journey, so buckle your seatbelt! Alma mater will take you to hear the whale song and watch distant stars up close. You will marvel at nature’s mysteries — and at people who solved them. Alma mater is an enthralling story of human curiosity and ingenuity, so open it and enjoy the ride.


People always have problems – that’s a fact of life. Some can be fixed with a bit of glue or a trip to the clinic. But others require something... special. Rigging an election, for example. Or winning a corporate war. For this you need the best in the business, and they don’t come any better than me. My name’s Steve, and I can fix anything. Anything.


Mark Stone’s life takes an unpredictable twist the day he encounters his dead girlfriend and a team of special agents who travel between universes trying to keep them safe. He never imagined that crazy stories about parallel universes could come true in such a way. How and why are these multiple universes different? Mark decides to join the Alpha II Agency—to help fix the Multiverse and find out what’s really going on.

Fear Hunters

People are being driven insane as they struggle in the throes of unending nightmares, their souls enslaved by monsters. But some are willing to risk their lives to fight these creatures of madness. Dr. Powell's team of Fear Hunters combine psychiatry and combat skills to enter an epic and deadly battle...

The Secret City

Many centuries ago, humanity destroyed other intelligent races, who owned magic. The few who survived, had to set up the Secret City in New York to hide from prying eyes. Here, side by side witches and vampires, dark knights and fairies, werewolves and witches are living. However, the relentless struggle between hostile Great Houses is still alive. And some of the mortals will take part in it ...


The world is rife with amazing scientific phenomena, but actually explaining, and reading about, how stuff works can get way too technical. Paradigm introduces an entirely new and easy-to-use way to experience the wonders of the Earth. This series embraces different fields of research, technology, art, and life sciences and presents them as a captivating, and highly interactive, experience.

Subject 9

Eight strangers have their fates entwined when they’re captured and trapped in the mysterious EXA complex. Hunted by the authorities, cursed with incredible powers they barely understand, they must learn to overcome their frailties and rely on each other to survive. They will never be safe until they uncover the nature of the EXA labs and the experiments they were subjected to, the purpose to their powers, and the puppet-masters pulling the strings. But every step down the rabbit-hole draws them deeper into a deadly web of crime, corruption and insanity.


Brevity equals clarity, and Micro is pure information boiled down to the point: concentrated and precise. The workings of Man and Nature: a knight’s armor and oil wells; the origins of alphabet and the physiology of brain; common misconceptions and misconceived notions. Every episode of Micro is a brick laid in the foundation of amazing discovery.

The Pandas & Boom

Wonderwood is a forest where most amazing animals live. They talk and think and like to be friends with each other. Then, one day, two new creatures arrive in the forest. Who are they, from where do they come, and how will these mysterious newcomers get along with the rest of Wonderwood’s inhabitants? what thrilling new adventures await them? The tale begins now. Come and see!

Knights of the Void

The Knights of the Void is an Alliance that has waged war against the tyranny of the Empire. Kate, the Alliance admiral’s daughter, is determined to prove to her father that she can be a pilot—even if it means breaking a rule or two in the process. She teams up with Jake, a friend and a partner in mischief; together they “borrow” a spaceship and go to outer space. All is fun till the adventure goes awry, and the spaceship crashes on a planet.