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The Secret City: “Subterranean Inferno”

Read the final episode of The Secret City — “Subterranean Inferno”!
The Secret City is on the verge of total destruction for the second time in the last few weeks. The Dark Lord and his plenipotentiary commissar Santiaga have barely any time left to save New York from annihilation. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Clash of the Monsters”

Read the 35th episode of The Secret City — “Clash of the Monsters”! Gigantic monsters are destroying Manhattan. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Battle in Times Square”

Read the 34th episode of The Secret City — “Battle in Times Square”!
Manhattan’s central streets have become the site of a savage battle between the Secret City’s most powerful mages. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “A New Keeper”

Read the 33th episode of The Secret City — “A New Keeper”! Cortés's mercenaries fight the Moranas in Lady Cara's salon. Meanwhile, another dramatic magical battle erupts in the center of Manhattan.  DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Lady of Chaos”

Read the 31th episode of The Secret City — “Lady of Chaos”! Lady Cara is conducting a hideous experiment to manufacture black Moranas. The life of her pupil Alice Harper is in grave danger. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Game Insight Releases Music Collections Containing Soundtracks from Its Best Games and NARR8 Graphic Novels

Do you like music? We must confess we simply love it! That’s why we do all we can to introduce the best music into Game Insight products. Music is one of the main components of our games, and we are glad to provide you with the opportunity to listen to these wonderful compositions whenever the mood strikes. Now you can download the soundtracks from Game Insight products and NARR8 series using any music service convenient for you. Choose an album you like and enjoy your favorite compositions anytime, anywhere. We are happy to present, in cooperation with the RDS Records music label, the following albums:- Game Insight Games Music Volume 1;- Game Insight Games Music Volume 2;- Agency (Original Motion Comics Soundtrack);- Fear Hunters (Original Motion Comics Soundtrack);- Final Feat (Original Motion Comics Soundtrack);- Knights of the Void 1, 2;- MULTIVERSE etc. Soundtrack music from Game Insight products downloads on iTunes Soundtrack music from NARR8 series downloads on iTunes Soundtrack music from Game Insight products downloads on Google Play Soundtrack music from NARR8 series downloads on Google Play Listen on Spotify music from Game Insight products Listen on Spotify music from NARR8 series

Fear Hunters: “New Perspectives”

Read now the 36th episode of Fear Hunters — “New Perspectives”! The Dark World will soon invade our reality and turn humanity in a herd of slaves for the demonic beasts. The Fear Hunters are helpless to prevent this horror ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “The Font of Transformation”

Read the 30th episode of The Secret City — “The Font of Transformation”! Lady Cara has prepared another malicious surprise for the Secret City. However, the Dark Navs are intending to counter her guile. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “The Final Battle”

Read now the 35th episode of Fear Hunters — “The Final Battle”! 
The Lord of Dreams has nothing to lose, and he rains down all his last weapons on the Fear Hunters. Meanwhile, a genuine deadly threat is lying in wait for them from a completely different side ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Hackers”

Read the 29th episode of The Secret City — “Hackers”! The witch Alice Harper heads to the quarters of Lady Cara, who is also known to some as the Goddess Anneke. Little does she know that at the moment the Goddess is engaged in preparing a new ferocious strike on the Secret City ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “Dark Corridors”

Read now the 34th episode of Fear Hunters — “Dark Corridors”! The Fear Hunters are confined to cages of their own personal phobias. The Master steps out to fight one-on-one with the Hellish Clown, who is far stronger than him. Only a miracle can prevent the destruction of Project Oneiroid ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “The Emperor Returns”

Read the 26th episode of Knights of the Void — “The Emperor Returns”! The people and the Ziura meet in a last battle for the right to hold sway over the galaxy. How will this conflict end? Is humanity in its last days? Or will this be the start of a new era? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “Unplugged”

Read now 33th episode of Prodigal Angel — “Unplugged”! With the Kingpin and Sphinx warring over his vulnerable, comatose body, Max is in more danger than ever. His powers won’t be enough to save him this time — not without a little help from his friends. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Lady Cara”

Read the 28th episode of The Secret City — “Lady Cara”! 
The hapless witch Alice Harper starts her training with the mysterious Lady Cara. Meanwhile, the Secret City’s enemies are not sitting still.DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Dawn”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Dawn”! It wasn’t so long ago that our heroes were prisoners who escaped into a world they didn’t understand. Now it’s the humans who are emerging into a new world — but our heroes have learned hard lessons since their escape from EXA, and together they can muster the courage to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Who is Taller?”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Who is Taller?”! The pandas and Boom argue about who is more important. And is looks like the winner will be the tallest. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “Through the Nightmares”

Read now the 33th episode of Fear Hunters — “Through the Nightmares”! The Hellish Clown is gradually losing his battle with the Fear Hunters. But he still has plenty of devious tricks up his sleeve. His task will become far easier if he can split up his enemy’s team by forcing each fighter to do battle with their own personal fear.  DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Narr8 Introduces a New Windows Phone App!

NARR8 is coming to Windows Phone! A new app, delivering informative and entertaining content, is already available for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones. NARR8 is a unique channel that delivers easy access to different types of interactive entertaining and educational content: novels, fairytales, lifestyle series and popular science. Soon, NARR8 app will also offer motion comics and interactive series that thousands of NARR8 users already enjoy on other platforms. The developers also plan on further expanding communication channels on Windows Phone as well as on launching new interesting brands on a new platform. Today NARR8 application is available for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Facebook, and Amazon. The first NARR8 application for iOS was launched in November 2012.

The Secret City: “A Fine Cigar”

Read the 27th episode of The Secret City — “A Fine Cigar”! Storm clouds are still gathering over the Secret City. Nur, the last Lord of Chaos, is striving to annihilate the Great Courts that once destroyed his own Court ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “Unleashed”

Read now 32th episode of Prodigal Angel — “Unleashed”! Things are looking grim for Max Williams. It’s bad enough that Sphinx wants to reclaim him for their nefarious experiments — now he’s been captured by the Kingpin, who has a score to settle with him... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Who’s Hiding in the Cave?”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Who’s Hiding in the Cave?”! Who is teasing the pandas and Boom from the darkness of a mysterious cave? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “Waves of Death”

Read now the 32th episode of Fear Hunters — “Waves of Death”! After the fight in the mushroom kingdom, the Hellish Clown escapes to another nightmare. It is a world the Fear Hunters are all too familiar with. Which side will its creator take this time? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Midnight”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Midnight”! It’s now or never. Out of time and out of options, our heroes and their foes alike must fight their destiny or face their doom. After so many secrets, so many lies and so many betrayals, is there still any place for trust? When trust, it seems, is the world’s only hope... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Porridge”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Porridge”! Sophie and Hector decide to cook porridge, and they are sure that they will do it better than Boom. There’s only one hitch — the pandas don’t know how to cook... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “A Rock and a Hard Place”

Read now 31th episode of Prodigal Angel — “A Rock and a Hard Place”! 
Using his recovered memories, Max restores the chain of events that, ten years ago, led to his coma. He asks Dr. Cliff to help him, but the doctor’s efforts come undone by Noire’s malicious plotting... As if this wasn’t enough, Martha makes an accidental slip which may well cost Max his life. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “The Mermaid’s Kiss”

Read the 26th episode of The Secret City — “The Mermaid’s Kiss”! Cortés’s interrogation by the Secret City’s supreme hierarchs leads to quite unexpected results. Meanwhile, the source of the manuscript of the Arcanum of Desires is hanging over Santiaga like the sword of Damocles: at some point in the past, this artifact was produced by the commissar of the Dark Court’s own hand. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prime blood: “The Prime is Born”

Read now the 14th episode of Prime blood — “The Prime is Born”!  A fierce battle is raging in the vaults below the Capitol. The vampires’ god has arisen and is on the cusp of tipping the world into an abyss of blood and chaos. The alternative — victory for the werewolves — is no less disastrous for humanity. Jane is dying, and Ronin is chained up: all hope is surely lost. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “Father and Son”

Read the 25th episode of Knights of the Void — “Father and Son”! The Knights of the Void join forces with the Imperial fleet to oppose the Ziura’s invasion. Meanwhile, in Lilith’s palace Alan raises a powerful ally out of suspended animation... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “Mycelium”

Read now the 31th episode of Fear Hunters — “Mycelium”! Following their mighty battle, the Hellish Clown escaped from the Fear Hunters and the Master. Now the Project Oneiroid fighters must hunt him down in the most sinister and freakish worlds a diseased subconscious can generate. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Gravity”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Gravity”! Gravity — a mysterious force — drops an apple onto Sophie’s head. How can the little panda get her revenge? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Paragon of Animals”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Paragon of Animals”! 
When Leonard orders his team to attack the mysterious underground dwellers, he may have written the last chapter in the history of Middletown...

The Secret City: “The Sukharev Tower”

Read the 25th episode of The Secret City — “The Sukharev Tower”!  The Keeper of the Black Book has harbored a burning hatred for the magical races since the days of the Soviet Union. A new figure appears in the Goddess’s grand scheme against the Secret City’s highest-ranking figures. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “Half-Light”

Read now 30th episode of Prodigal Angel — “Half-Light”! A visit from the reclusive CEO of Sphinx Pharmaceuticals changes Max’s perspective on his fate and his future, offering new insight and the first ray of hope he’s had in a long time. But there are more discoveries waiting for him, lifting the veil on recent — and long-distant — mysteries. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “The Fires of Hell”

Read now the 30th episode of Fear Hunters — “The Fires of Hell”! The Fear Hunters fight an army of demons, but killing those beasts is not enough to defeat them: there are still more adventures to come in the Dark World. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “The Stars”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “The Stars”! The pandas and Boom enter into an argument about what stars really are. Who will help them find out the truth? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “The Fall of the Empire”

Read the 24th episode of Knights of the Void — “The Fall of the Empire”! The Imperial reserve fleet is preparing to bomb Quinan and Vivienne’s residence, which Lord Cray has seized. Meanwhile, Alan discovers the truth about events that happened sixteen years ago. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “Deadly Catacombs”

Read the 24th episode of The Secret City — “Deadly Catacombs”!  Mercenary Phil Crosby ends up in the Order of War’s terrifying catacombs. Meanwhile, Santiaga, the commissar of the dark demons, finds himself in an extremely thorny situation ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Descent”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Descent”!  The President gives the order: Operation Triple Cross commences. Leonard’s team starts carrying out their part of the plan, but encounters an unforeseen surprise. Meanwhile, our heroes are trying to think of a way to breach the secret bunker’s defenses. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “A Team of Hunters”

Read now the 29th episode of Fear Hunters — “A Team of Hunters”!  The entire team of Fear Hunters is ready to enter the sinister Dark World to meet the Master and engage in the battle against the Hellish Clown. Meanwhile, a deadly threat is hanging over Project Oneiroid—once again. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “The Vase”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “The Vase”! 
The pandas break Laurie’s favorite vase when they are at her house. Sophie suggests lying to the raccoon by saying that Boris the meowing moose did it. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Prodigal Angel: “The Sphinx”

Read now 29th episode of Prodigal Angel — “The Sphinx”! 
 Opposing forces have learned Max’s secret and set their sights on him. Dr. Cliff receives a visit he couldn’t have expected — and, through an innocent slip of the tongue, unwittingly aids a dark plot with Max as its target. 

The Secret City: “Crescendo”

Read the 23th episode of The Secret City — “Crescendo”! The battle for Yankee Stadium has reached its peak; the Arcanum of Desires is almost complete, and the whole world is moments away from destruction ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Knights of the Void: “Blood Brothers”

Read the 23th episode of Knights of the Void — “Blood Brothers”! 
Having found an ally in Alan, Lord Cray initiates an audacious attack on the Imperial Residence. But are his promises to be trusted? DISCUSS THE EPISODE

SPIN: “Hazard Pay”

Here is the new episode of SPIN — “Hazard Pay”! 
 McGreedy has not had serious competitors for a long time, which has made him too self-confident. Firstly he ripped off his partner Lopez, then he misled Ginsburg, and finally he personally gave the order to eliminate Jane. And, of course, it is all for money. Huge sums of money. However, he is about to make a surprising discovery: not everyone values their life by the number of zeros in their bank account. They consider other things more important. Like honor. And love. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Fear Hunters: “The Old Church”

Read now the 28th episode of Fear Hunters — “The Old Church”! 
The Fear Hunters do not stop trying to return their friend and colleague Sean McLaughlin to his body. He, in his new form as the Reaper, hears the Master’s plan to eliminate the Hellish Clown. Meanwhile, Natasha Kazakova is facing a new threat ... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Pandas & Boom: “Little Fish”

Here is new episode of The Pandas & Boom — “Little Fish”! The pandas and Boom make friends with a cheerful little fish that shows them a wonderful underwater world. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Qumi-Qumi: “Love’s Hurdles (part 2)”

Read now the 22th episode of Qumi-Qumi — “Love’s Hurdles (part 2)”! 
  A General from the Shumi-Qumi tribe falls in love with Jusi and kidnaps her so he can marry her. Naturally, Juga and Shumadan can’t and won’t stand for it! They
procure some magical cakes to save Jusi, but the cakes have a number of unexpected side effects. DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Agency: “The Verdict”

Read now the 12th episode of Agency — “The Verdict”! 
The Happiness Factory has closed, but a new client shows up who could turn everything around. Charlize is dreaming of an honest guy with a fat wallet, and for the Factory there’s no such thing as an impossible assignment. However, Sabrina will have to sacrifice something for the sake of another person’s happiness... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

The Secret City: “The Stadium”

Read the 22th episode of The Secret City — “The Stadium”! Vivisector is building the Arcanum of Desires, and the Great Courts are battling furiously for the right to break through to his Altar before their enemies. Meanwhile, some completely different players are the first to arrive at the Altar... DISCUSS THE EPISODE

Subject 9: “Terminus”

We’re happy to present you new episode of Subject 9 — “Terminus”! 
As our heroes — and their enemies! — race toward the final destination, the Area Zero military base, the President moves the final pieces of the puzzle together. After tonight, nothing will be the same... DISCUSS THE EPISODE