What is Narr8?
Что такое NARR8?
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¿Qué es Narr8?

Narr8은 무엇인가?

How much does NARR8 cost?

NARR8 is free to download. In the app we have a currency called NARRs. With NARRs you can buy new episodes (2 episodes of each series are free for all new users), build collections and use the additional features of the app, like Autoplay mode. You can get NARRs as your daily bonus by visiting the app regularly, or you can buy them.

What kind of stories does NARR8 have?

We currently offer exciting stories in a variety of genres such as horror, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, education, stories for kids, lifestyle…and we plan to add even more!

When and where can I get NARR8?

NARR8 is now available for iOS (Pad&iPhone), Android (4.0 and higher), Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows 8 (Laptop, Surface, PC); on Facebook and even online: http://store.narr8.me/.

How can I get updates on NARR8?

We’d love to keep you up-to-date with NARR8 news and developments! You can get updates on our service by: Joining our official Facebook community Following us on Twitter Following us on Pinterest Subscribing to us on YouTube

Where is NARR8 available?

NARR8 was launched worldwide in English and Russian on November 14th 2012. In March of 2013 NARR8 was also released in Spanish and Korean. We plan to localize the platform for more languages in the future.

Who created NARR8?

NARR8 was founded in October 2011 by Alexander Vashchenko, the former Head of Games Development at IT-Territory and Astrum Online and Vice-President at Mail.ru. The project is funded by the IMI.VC investment company, which belongs to the well-known internet entrepreneur Igor Matsanyuk, founder of IT-Territory and Astrum Online, former Vice-President at Mail.ru, founder of the Farminers Startup Academy, and the President of the Board of Directors of Game Insight. The company currently has three main departments (motion comics, nonfiction, interactive novels), which create content for the application. The company currently has 200 employees working at both the main office located in Moscow, Russia and the satellite office in San Francisco.

How often does NARR8 get updated with new content?

Many titles are offered for your enjoyment at NARR8, and there is an update nearly every day.

How it works?

NARR8 is a brand new cross-platform mobile application that provides you with access to regularly updated interactive series. After downloading and installing the app, a wide variety of exciting stories will become available on your device.